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Coverage Area


We serve residents of the North and West shore of Flathead Lake who live in the following zip codes:

  • 59901 - Kalispell south of 4-corners

  • 59914 - Dayton

  • 59915 - Elmo

  • 59922 - Lakeside

  • 59929 - Proctor

  • 59931 - Rollins

  • 59932 - Somers

This area is shown shaded in red on the map below.


Service restrictions

  1. You must live within our service area;

  2. Your income must meet federal need guidelines.

  3. You may NOT receive assistance from more than one food bank.

  4. You may come to the Food Bank for assistance twice a month.

  5. At the first visit to the Food Bank, you must provide information regarding all sources of household monthly income, ages of all household members and proof of identity. For proof of identity, the government prefers Social Security cards, but we accept state licenses or ID’s, state medical ID cards for minors.

  6. The amount of food we can provide to a household is dependent on the household’s size.

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